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J'aime Ballet Academy

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Check out our class schedule here.

We believe in developing all aspects of the dancer. From their physical development to their emotional, intellectual & social well being, resulting in a well rounded development of a dancer. 

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Live Pianist

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Full Length Mirrors

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Sprung floor + Dance mat

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The Academy that nurtures Passion.


J’aime Ballet Academy provides quality ballet classes with safe dance practices for all students to achieve their best abilities. JBA is an RAD registered school, and was voted one of the top 10 in 2020. We’ve trained students from 5 years old till adults, inspiring them to achieve their dance goals.


At JBA, we believe in developing the dance student as a whole. To be able to appreciate the Art form, and experience it beyond the studio walls.

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Creative movement level 1 :born in 2020

Creative movement level 2 :born in 2019, N1

Creative movement level 3: born in 2018, N2


Learning dance in an age appropriate way through imagery and structured play. Based on Leap 'N' Learn's "Moving at the Zoo" curriculum, which builds foundations by capturing children's love of animals. Develops children's physical, cognitive, social & emotional development.



Adult Ballet (Beginner 1)

Tuesdays 8pm-9:30pm

Adult Ballet (Beginner 2)

Fridays 10:30am-12pm

Adult Ballet (Beginner 3)

Fridays 8pm-9:30pm

Adult ballet (Level 1/2)

Wednesdays 8pm-9:30pm

At least 2-3 years of

ballet experience needed

Trial classes available at $15.

Quality Classes

Ms Pang's in-depth knowledge of human physiology and working safely with our unique bodies has also been truly enlightening

Germaine Teo, 42

“Her endless encouragement provided me with motivation to want to work hard and strive for improvement”.

Liu Xingyu, 15

“Classes at JBA are like a breath of fresh air after a tiring week of school and tests; the studio is a safe haven where I can relax and dance my heart out.”

Victoria Liang 16

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