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Creative movement programme for 3-5 years old

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Creative movement curriculum for children 3-5 years old

  • Suitable for children to prepare foundations for classical ballet

  • Based on Leap ‘N Learn curriculum by Beverly F. Spell and Maria Inzerella

  • Designed to meet the gross motor skills development milestones as it relates to movement & musicality for both boys & girls

  • Designed to introduce the dancer to various habitats like African Savanna, Arctic North, South American Rainforest, etc to explore and learn how different animals move in a fun and receptive way for the young dancer

  • Paced and progressed in an age appropriate format

  • Build basic psychomotor skills, stability, coordination, musicality, core control, spatial awareness, and classroom etiquette

  • Coloring template homework 


  • Pink skirted leotard

  • Pink socks

  • Pink leather ballet shoes

Enquire 97810804 for more information

JBA is a licensed dance studio provider :

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