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JBA organised biennale performances which provide all our student dancers an opportunity to showcase their talent in a theatre.

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Biennale JBA Performance 2023

The Magic Paintbrush

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A full length ballet adapted from the book with the original title " The Magic Paintbrush" by Julia Donaldson. Students from as young as 5 years old to adult students were involved in this special theatre performance as we emerge from Covid. Many of our students are elated to return on stage after a 4 year hiatus. 

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Biennale JBA Performance 2021

Virtual Performance

JBA's 1st virtual performance shown live on youtube. Family and friends, near and far come together, in JBA tradition, to celebrate the joy of dancing. Definitely a memorable year for all as we emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Biennale JBA Performance 2019

Lost Secret Garden

2019 perf.JPG

Another original JBA full length ballet involving the enchanting creatures in a garden hidden from the outside world.


Biennale JBA Performance 2017

Rainbow Dancespirations

2017 performance group photo.JPG

An item representing the vibrancy of the colours of a rainbow - from the fiery red of the Spanish dancers to the magical indigo of the Starry starry night dancers. 


Biennale JBA Performance 2015

A Little Magic

Front page 2 - 2015 perf photo .jpg

An original JBA story of a little girl's wish for snow in the most magical time of the year, Christmas! 

Celebration in Dance

A collaboration between Singapore Dance Theatre and the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) for a one-night-only performance.


Celebration in Dance 2017

Celebration in Dance

“Celebration in Dance” is a collaboration between the Royal Academy of Dance and Singapore Dance Theatre for students to perform at the Esplanade Theatre. Congratulations to the “Tarantella” group, representing one of the 8 selected schools! We enjoyed ourselves for this special performance alongside the professional dancers from Singapore Dance theatre! What an honour!

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